Brandon Dupsky

BrandonDupsky3Brandon Dupsky Founder eCommerce Money for Nothing & OnFair

Some call him an eCommerce trailblazer designing new techniques, new processes, and new methods for growing an eCommerce business from start to large then sharing what he learns with others. Maybe you’ve seen him on the Entrepreneur TV Channel in the United Kingdom or on stage in the United States, Australia, United Kingdom or Canada showing audiences both small and large what he spent millions over the years to learn.

Maybe you’ve seen him receive awards such as eCommerce Business Man of the Year from Alibaba or the Fastest Growing Company, Forbes Best of the Web or the very popular 40 Under 40 Award. Maybe you’ve seen him on the front page of business newspapers and magazine covers. Maybe you’ve seen his company on national TV news as he posted for sale the world’s largest meteorite from Mars verified by NASA or to sell a truckload of CIA grade encrypted spy communication equipment envious of any 3rd world country but banned by the USA for export.

Brandon Dupsky knows eCommerce above and beyond most others because he loves and lives eCommerce day in and day out. He’s been living eCommerce since the very early days of eCommerce starting his legacy in 1998 when there were less than 1,000,000 total members (buyers and sellers) on eBay. Armed with his big business corporate world experience, his hands-on real world eCommerce experience, his Bachelor’s in Business (BS) and Masters in Business Administration (MBA) degrees, his APICS Certification in Inventory Management (CPIM) and his minor degree in information technology (MIS), he’s pioneering a new business model for building an eCommerce company from the ground up that has never been done before. Developing from scratch ways to do eCommerce bigger, better and faster without bigger headaches, more hours or additional employees. He likes to say that he’s building the smallest/biggest eCommerce business around!

In his early days of eCommerce, he built one of the largest eBay sellers called Sell2All, acquired an online B2B marketplace called Bidmix, acquired an online hosting company called Rhea Solutions and started other online businesses such as Electronic Headquarters, Auction Remote, Closeout Headquarters, Network MegaMart, Back-Track and DropPro. He learned many hard lessons first hand such as growing too big too fast and eventually going out of business 8 years later being left totally broke and with only one option….to dust himself off and start all over again from scratch taking the lessons he spent so much money and so much time to learn and applying them to build things even better the second time around.
In 2005, he wrote the book on how to sell on eBay called the “Insider Secrets of an eBay Millionaire” sharing his creative and trailblazing secrets to early stage eBay sellers around the world helping them successfully get off the ground and flying high with their eBay business. His passion for helping others live their dream of owning their own business and living free from the corporate world really shines through when you talk with Brandon about your eCommerce business, problems you may be having or ideas for growth that you wish to bounce off someone with extreme experience for feedback and guidance.

Today…Brandon has once again “Re-engineered the eCommerce model” like never before pioneering a brand new business model to finally and ultimately LIVE the eCommerce lifestyle that most have only dreamed about. The lifestyle of building an eCommerce business that works for him rather than him working day in and day out for it. Working smart first and working hard second. Working only a few hours per day then watching his business produce long-term revenue streams and profits day after day after day needing very little of his direct time or effort after the setup stage. With the additional free time his eCommerce Money for Nothing business model creates, Brandon enjoys spending far more time with his family than the average “Entrepreneur”, such as jumping in the pool for a swim when the sun is shining by 2 p.m. on any day of the week or going sledding with the kids after school gets out on a cold Nebraska day. Taking multiple family vacations per year was one of his lifestyle goals and he can now do so in comfort knowing his eCommerce business will continue to produce revenues and profits while he’s out enjoying life. His family vacations are not the typical entrepreneur’s family vacation where you need to map out the nearest coffee shops with WIFI so you can huddle in your corner with your laptop during the early hours of the morning while your family still sleeps……thinking that you’re on a vacation.

Now that Brandon has learned hands-on through rigorous trial and error how to build and live that eCommerce Money for Nothing lifestyle, he’s ready to help you build and grow your own version of an eCommerce Money for Nothing lifestyle FINALLY freeing yourself from that ball and chain you originally thought and falsely called freedom by working for yourself. The real question is…….are you ready?