Chris Green

Chris Green2016Chris Green has been immersed in the Amazon ecosystem for the past decade. From selling physical products sourced through Retail and Online Arbitrage, to providing sourcing software to other third party Amazon sellers. Along the way he has explored many other ways to make money with Amazon including self-published books with CreateSpace, eBooks with Kindle, and print-on-demand t-shirts with Merch By Amazon.

He’s made a name for himself by helping other people learn and leverage the various Amazon platforms. He enjoys life in Massachusetts with his beautiful wife and two kids.

 The RiverBank – Opportunities on Amazon

 For the foreseeable future, Amazon is THE #1 PLACE to make money online. Why? Simply because Amazon is where the customers are. Many people think that making money on Amazon only involves selling physical products, but the opportunities are much greater. Amazon is a dream come true for creators. Whether you write books, make art, record music or podcasts, or even make videos, Amazon can take your work and turn it into physical products or digital downloads that can be sold on Amazon. Ebooks with Kindle, print-on-demand books with CreateSpace, print-on-demand t-shirts with Merch By Amazon, and even streaming music and video-on-demand (Amazon’s YouTube). Amazon even handles the fulfillment and distribution This is a two-part process of learning about Amazon’s various platforms as well as how YOU can use them to grow and audience, build a business, and make money.